EpiForecasts main aim is to develop forecasting methodology that makes the most of available resources to provide insights useful for outbreak response, control and prevention. EpiForecasts is a team based at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine who focus on real-time modelling and forecasting of infectious disease outbreaks. EpiForecasts is funded by the Wellcome Trust and work in collaboration with a number of other research groups, public health agencies and NGOs.

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      Note: For Measures-"Lower Credible (50%), Upper Credible(50%),Probability of Control", the data is available as of 25th June 2020 and there will be no further update for these measures as discontinued at source level. Latest estimates of the number of confirmed cases by date of infection, the effective reproduction number, and the doubling time (when negative this corresponds to the halving time) in each region. The mean and 90% credible interval is shown. Data cited at https://epiforecasts.io/covid/posts/global/