None, Refrigerators


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Number of Households, Average Household Size, Undivided Private House, Flat/Apartment/Condominium, Owned, Renting, Leasehold, Wood and Concrete, Concrete/Brick, Plywood, Sticks/Palmetto/Stucco, Kitchen in Dwelling, Other Cooking Space in Dwelling, Cooking Space Outside Dwelling, No Cooking Space, Butane/Biogas, Wood/Charcoal, Other, type of Cooking Fuel, Burn, Municipal Collection, Private Garbage Truck, Other Garbage Disposal, Flush Toilet (Sewer System), Pit Latrine Not Elevated Not Ventilated, Pit Latrine Ventilated and Elevated, Other, Main Type of Toilet Facility, Indoor, Outdoor, Fixed Bath or Shower Inside Dwelling, Fixed Bath or Shower Outside Dwelling, Public Piped into Dwelling, Public Piped into Yard Only, Private Piped into Dwelling/Yard Only, Dug Well, River/Stream/Creek/Pond/Spring, Electricity from Public Source, Electricity from Private Source, Candle, Kerosene/Gas Lamp, Has Cable TV Service, No Cable TV Service, Has Fixed Line Telephone, No Fixed Line Telephone, Has Internet Access, No Internet Access, At least 1, Air Conditioners, None, Air Conditioners, At least 1, Refrigerators, At least 1, Microwave Ovens, None, Microwave Ovens, At least 1, Washing Machines, None, Washing Machines, At least 1, Portable MP3/Media Players, None, Portable MP3/Media Players, At least 1, DVD Players, None, DVD Players, At least 1, Electricity Generators, None, Electricity Generators, At least 1, Cellular Phones, None, Cellular Phones, At least 1, Computers, None, Computers, At least 1, Private Motor Vehicles, None, Private Motor Vehicles, 1 Bedrooms, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bedrooms, 4 Bedrooms, 7 + Bedrooms, Own/Lease Farmland, No Farmland, Engaged in Farming/Agricultural Activities, No Farming Activities